Return Policy

Here at United Afro Languages (UAL), your overall satisfaction is our top priority. Our refund and returns policy last 30 days. All courses purchased within that time frame can be refunded depending on If the request complies with our return policies.

This return policy has been created with both students and instructors in mind. As we understand that it’s possible to purchase the wrong course but we are also under an obligation to protect our instructors’ business. To be eligible for a return, your purchased course must not have been watched over 65%. whenever the course is purchased payments are directly sent to the instructor’s account, we ask for your patience as we will try our best to investigate the matter before processing the funds back into the student’s account.

unfortunately, we do not issue cash-back refunds. all courses on our website can either be purchased via Credit, Debit Card powered by Stripe, or Paypal. The same means that were used to purchase the course are the same means we will try to issue the refund. If you bought the course using a coupon code we will refund you exactly the deducted price. It’s important to understand that, once the refund process is complete you’ll no longer have access to the course.

Need help?

Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns.